Safar 1441
17 October 2019

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

The Zilfi College of Education has been endeavoring to materialize its vision and message which spring out from those of Majma’ah University. Basing on the professional qualifications that academic programs should include to guarantee qualitative learning outcomes as defined by national and international boards and organizations and basing on its commitment to community service and pioneering scientific research, the college realizes the importance of establishing effective communication channels to serve the local community and its different institutions. In fact, the college offers varied training programs to deal with societal problems in addition to postgraduate programs of the highest standard that meet the constantly changing demands of the labor market as well as modern educational and learning trends. These efforts seek also to achieve the aspirations of the Prudent Leadership for constant human development based on the concept of information society.In conclusion; it is my pleasure to welcome, on behalf of the faculty staff, the visitors of our website who seek to know about the news and announcements on activities and programs of our college. While we sincerely hope our website satisfies the needs of its visitors, we look for fruitful suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Welcome to the College of Education in Zilfi. 14/11/1436