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18 September 2019

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E-Learning Unit
Leadership and excellence in eLearning practices and Learning remote at the University level.

Providing a sophisticated electronic interactive educational environment within the faculty and training at it.


The e-learning unit targets in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences Lies in the following:

1.Raise the level of the quality of education through the provision of additional teaching methods, and relies on e-learning techniques.

2.The development of students' skills and their ability to interact with the contemporary changes through modern technologies.

3.Transfer the curriculum to electronic curriculum.

4. Educational and researching process service in the faculty.

5.The provision of courses and workshops required to service e-learning.

6.The exchange of experiences through the means e-learning.

7.Give students the skills needed to use the information and communication technology.

Unit Member

Unit Tasks

1.Hold the training courses based on the Unit Plan in the field of e-learning for the teaching staff in cooperation with the Deanship of e-learning and distance education in the university.

2.Holding training courses for students to deal with the e-learning management systems.

3.Providing technical support to the university employees and target categories in all e-learning software.

4.Hold the Workshops to the faculty members and students about e-learning and its importance and its role in the educational process, and how to apply it and the skills required to enter into this system.