- Conducting social responsibility programs at the university, by proposing development initiatives based on monitoring and follow-up 

- Monitoring the social responsibility activities implemented by the university in order to be evaluated according to specific criteria in order to develop them.

- Documenting successful experiences and best practices in social responsibility in various fields. 

- Building a social responsibility database that includes all experts, researchers, academics and those interested in social responsibility, with the aim of optimal utilization of specialized human power.

- Suggesting financial, administrative and regulatory guidelines for social responsibility institutions to facilitate their use in various social responsibility activities.

- Monitoring all events, conferences and seminars related to social responsibility and selecting the most important ones to encourage others to participation in them.

- Sponsoring in-depth studies on responsibility in coordination with the relevant authorities at the university. - Suggesting academic, professional and educational development programs

- Activate holding conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops in coordination with the relevant authorities at the university.

- Carrying out any other tasks assigned to the observatory within its field of competence.