Message from the Supervisor of the Department

الدكتور عبد الله التميمي

Cooperation with educational and research institutions - international ones to be precise- is necessary for exchanging knowledge. The Department of International Cooperation (DIC) at MU, thus, aims to promote the university's international activities to be among the top universities worldwide. The DIC strives to cooperate with international universities in academic, educational, research, training, and cultural fields. Part of the department's principle is also to keep abreast with other universities' progress in all fields. Forming partnerships is also a priority for the DIC to achieve the university's mission in social responsibility, development of knowledge and educational programs, research and innovation, and the improvement of the university's outputs.

DIC also seeks to develop the work system of scientific societies within the university to attain its goals. Supervizing the work of scientific societies including their boards of directors and constituent committees, the DIC provides administrative advice to these societies.