Jumada Al-Akhir 1435
17 April 2014

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About the Department of Mathematics


1 - Department code: MAT


2 - Message from Chairman:

         Many questions along the lines about the benefit of mathematics in our daily lives and why it is heavily taught in both the general education and university have been inquired. Perhaps the right question is what is the area in which mathematics has no benefit?

Mathematics is the basis of science in both its theoretical and applied divisions. It offers effective methods in statistics, data and decision-making, the issues of profits and losses as well as in the narrow fields of computer programming. It also plays a great deal in encryption, modeling of the problems facing the community and finding solutions to them, and many of the engineering and medical applications.

Finally, on my behalf and on behalf of all my fellow members of the faculty acknowledge the great efforts of His Excellency Mr. Dean and His Excellency the Vice-Dean as well as welcome all of our students and look forward to working together to rediscover the effectiveness of mathematics and its central role in our lives.


3- Department’s Message

The provision of educational service and research services for undergraduate and master's degree in mathematics, allowing them to get all the opportunity to a better education enabling them to compete in the currency of globalization to meet the needs of the community while preserving the Islamic values.


4 – Department’s Vision 
The Department looks to be a pioneer at the local, regional and international in both of the educational and research areas through the study of problems and actual contribution to scientific research to find appropriate solutions to be linked to the research community while preserving the environment.


5 - Objectives:

The Department of Mathematics aims in the context of the overall objectives of the Faculty of Science and objectives of the Department of Mathematics to the following:

• preparing qualified staff to contribute in the comprehensive development witnessed by the Kingdom in various areas of life.
• filling posts of specialization in any place in both public and private sectors.
• upgrading scientific research in the field of mathematics, statistics; studying of mathematical and statistical problems; carrying out scientific research to find appropriate solutions and participating in national and international conferences.


6 - Study approach in the department:

Student in the Faculty of Science  spends four years spread over eight semesters. The study courses include the core courses (the requirements of the University - Faculty of requirements -the requirements of the department and specialization). The student must finish 136 units of study.


7 - Entry requirements for the department:

• -General assimilation of the Department
• Cumulative average for the student
• The wishes of the student


8 - Serving the environment and Society:
• Teaching Mathematics and Statistics in the different colleges.
• Participating in research projects for the environment and society.
• Participating in various committees within and outside the college.
• Participating in cultural and scientific activities at the college and university.


9 - Career Opportunities for Graduates:

• working in the education in both sectors, public and private.
• Working as research assistant in the department or in any other Math departments at the Kingdom Universities.
• working in research centers.
• working in the military sector.
• Working in IT as data analysts and shareholders in the preparation of strategic plans.